Payment & Fees

Payment Administration

In order to allow you to provide payment for services conveniently online, Trinity Psych Wellness works with Headway Providers Management Service.

All billing and administrative work will be orchestrated in partnership with Headway. You will receive an email from Headway to help you setup your account and link it with your health insurance provider. You will be able to pay your services using debit card, credit card, HSA or FSA and you will receive a detailed invoice for your records.

TPW uses Headway to make payment and administrative requirements efficient and convenient for all our clients. This in turns enables our focused time to be spent helping you with your specific needs.

Fees | Private Pay Only

Intake session for Therapy or Medication Management: $230.00 
Follow-Up for Therapy and Medication Management: $140.00
Follow-Up Medication Management only: $120.00
Follow-Up Therapy Only: $125.00
Couples Therapy: $125.00

**Discounted prices are available, please contact us for more questions**

DOCUMENTATION (Including Insurance Payers)
Paperwork forms or letters of support i.e. employment, accommodations, educational concerns, emotional animal support letters, disability, FMLA, and other related documentation is provided at no additional costs to current patients.

Services not currently available:
**Emergencies** (see resources list for important contacts), EAP or worker’s compensation, IOP, legal consultation or court-ordered services, substance treatment, and family/group therapy. 

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